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Fare Rules

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General Conditions of Sale Conditions of Site Usage 

1. Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions of Sale 

By using the Internet website called "Skyplanners.com ", hereafter referred to as the "Site" and by purchasing from this site, it is understood that the user is aware and accepts the Terms and Conditions for the Use of Site as well as the present Terms and Conditions for Sale. It is recommended that the user carefully read both these documents. 

2. Ticket Reservation on the Site 

Our secure on-line reservation facility makes it possible to check timetables and fares from the present day and for the following 10 months. Reservations may be made at a required minimum of 2 days prior to departure. 
It is possible to make 2 reservations per 24-hour period with the same personal form. Each reservation request may apply to up to 9 passengers (adults and children). The user requesting the reservation must be of legal age.
Our system allows the user to choose a preferred seat on the flight when reserving from our website. In case of a change in plane, the seat selected may no longer be guaranteed. On certain flights it is also possible to reserve special meals.
To confirm your flight, you must fill out a personal form, and communicate information regarding your Credit Card to enable payment. 
Once confirmed, the reference of your personal file will be sent to you. Also, an e-mail message stating confirmation along with all the details regarding your reservation will also be sent. This, however, will take place with the understanding that the e-mail message in no way may be construed as receipt of payment. A bona fide receipt will be issued to the purchaser at the same time as the ticket. If your booking is not complete (no payment details) SkyPlanners.com can cancel it.
If a customer makes at least two identical bookings, SkyPlanners.com reserves the right to remove all the bookings without notice.
Any on-line purchase assumes that the customer is aware of and accepts the present General Terms and Conditions of sale via the Internet. 
Through ticket purchase via SkyPlanners.com, airlines General Conditions of Carriage shall immediately apply.
The passenger must hold a valid passport, entry visa for the country of destination as well as the air ticket.
The passenger alone is responsible for all the formalities required by each country he/she flies to/from and is personally required to present all the regulation documents. 

3. Fares

Our reservation system enables you to access the lowest fare possible. The fare communicated is valid only in the country of outgoing travel. The fares communicated by our system are given in the currency of the country of departure. For non Euro countries, there may be a difference between the final amount shown at booking step and the amount billed on your statement because of the conversion rate from local currency and euro.
The prices published include the trip price net of tax, airport taxes, except for some instances where airport duty is collected locally and service fees, depending on the itinerary.
 Unrestricted fares are fares without limitation. They are reimbursable and modifiable free of charge. 
 Restricted fares are fares meeting certain specific conditions: for example the minimum or maximum duration of stay and/or the obligation to spend at the place of destination least one night from Saturday to Sunday. Modifications and cancellations may be subject to penalties and in some instances may not be allowed. 
The terms and conditions connected to each of the published fares can be consulted on our website. It is advisable to read them carefully and give your approval by ticking off the box in front of "Fare conditions read and approved" as indicated on the website. By ticking this box, all the terms and conditions connected with the fare will be proposed by our reservation system. 
For promotional and special fares, we reserve a limited number of seats. Therefore reservation will be subject to conditions of availability.
Reduced fares for babies under 2 years of age and children under 12 years of age may be available. Children can also have a special meal that has to be reserved in advance. 

4. Method of payment 

On the SkyPlanners.com website, SkyPlanners.com accepts payment by various methods.  
In all events, the credit card will be debited after confirmation of the reservation. At payment time if the payment failed, SkyPlanners.com contacts the user to request another credit card. The fare booked is no longer guaranteed. 
SkyPlanners.com reserves the right if necessary to require from the buyer a fax/email authorizing SkyPlanners.com to debit the amount.

5. Ticket Collection


1 Collecting ticket from a SkyPlanners office

2. E-Ticket is only available on certain flights marked with an "E". If this option is available then the e-ticket will be automatically produced as the default delivery method. 

6. Modification of reservation/ cancellation/refund

Once a reservation is confirmed, within the fare conditions, it is possible to cancel or change it by contacting our Call Centre or directly with the airlines. To do this, it is necessary to provide the reference of your personal reservation file.
In the event of change or modification of the reservation, some fares are subject to penalties, the amount of which are given in the Conditions of Fare as displayed on our site, or in some instances may not be refundable or exchangeable. 

7. Security

Our payment system is secure thanks to the very latest technologies, in particular SSL data exchange protocol. The SSL server software encrypts the information entered (banking particulars, address, etc.) prior to sending it over the Internet: when the information is encrypted, during transmission over the Web it remains scrambled and is readable on the server only via a customized decryption key. Therefore you can be sure your ticket is being purchased in complete confidentiality and security, on condition the methods and instructions for use given hereafter are scrupulously respected by the user.

If your browser does not allow use of this secure technology, please contact us to make your reservation. 

Upon creating an account, the user configures the identifier and password requested for future use, or for updating information regarding the account. Your profile and data are protected by a password in such a way that only you have access to the personal information. We recommend you do not give this information to any other individual. You alone are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and/or of any information regarding your profile. If you forget your password, please contact us. 

8. Competent Law and Litigation 

In the event of dispute regarding the interpretation, application or failure of application or a provision, Delhi Courts shall be solely competent. 

9. Modification of Terms and Conditions of Use 

SkyPlanners.com reserves the right to modify or update these general terms and conditions for sale at any time and without prior notification. 
For any further information regarding the above-mentioned terms and conditions of sale over the Internet, please contact us.