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Five Top Beaches to Visit in Australia

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Last updated: 27/03/2019

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With about 10,600 plus beaches sprawled across the 30,000 kilometers long coastline of Australia, you just cannot afford to miss enjoying a couple of them during your visit. Be it a business or a pleasure trip, a few hours spent on these heavenly beaches can turn out to be the most cherished moments of your life. Here’s a list of the top five beaches to help you to decide which ones you may like to visit in your limited time.

Whitehaven Beach

The white sand, rich in pure Silica is what makes this beach stand out among any other in the world. The most amazing feature of this beach is that the sand does not heat up in the sun thus, allowing you to walk barefoot at any time of the day.

If you are a water adventure enthusiast, you’re going to love the motor rafting which gives you the option to choose between snorkeling or taking long walks on secluded spots of the beach which may not be accessible to you by yourself. Your tour guide would be more than happy to explain the details about the flora and fauna found in the area.

Location: 7 km stretch along Whitsunday Island

Bells Beach

Situated on the Great Ocean Road this beach is known for its powerful surf and for great swells. This is where the world's longest running Surfing Contest, is held annually at the time of Easter. It is best suited for people who love water adventure. For the peace loving folks, the long walks along the beach can be a therapeutic treat.

Location: 86 km S. West of Melbourne

Turquoise beach

Located near the famous Ningaloo Reef, in Western Australia, it is said to be the most beautiful spot of Australia. Snorkeling is the major attraction on this beach and you can see the most beautiful colors of the rainbow under the waters full of corals and almost 500 species of fish. Drift snorkeling is the most popular sport hair that allows you to drift gently back to the sure by the gentle current.

It is also a beautiful spot to spend a relaxed afternoon by the seaside.

Location: South of Exmouth